Red Cut by Alun Heslop, Racquet Studios
Red Cut
bench seating carved in walnut
L 2500 x W 1000 x H 500 mm
Insictor by Alun Heslop
bench seating in bleached and carved ash wood and stainless steel
L 3800 x W 1000 x H 720 mm
Kre by Alun Heslop
Chair in hollow cast bronze - Dragon green patina
H 1500 x W 900 x D 850 mm
Razorfish by Alun Heslop
bench seating carved in bleached oak and ash wood
L 1850 x W 650 x H 500 mm
Hammerhead by Alun Heslop
Chair in hollow cast and mirror polished stainless steel
H 1450 x W 780 x D 690 mm

New works now showing at Objects with Narratives Brussels, Belgium. 0044 (0)7740 644715